Flats for sale in Dalhousie

Welcome to your abode of peace situated in a magnificent location surrounded by Cedar trees and water falls every few steps of your walk, The result is you opening your eyes to majestic views and sound of water making its way the natural way.

The Site :
When the king had to choose a place for his Palace some 200 years ago he choose this view, after this the finest hotels were the namesake of this view and today even the newer resorts are constructed keeping in mind this view.
Moral : You get a view that everybody desires.
The only locality in whole town that houses some 200 plus flats spread across the vicinity of 10 kms on this road, as for our location its about 4.5 kms from town square serving as a perfect equilibrium  , its handpicked among 5 sites for AAURUM BUILDERS first project for following reasons :
1.) No matter if its 3 in the morning or 3 in the noon you can hear water gushing and birds chirping

2.) Sunlight as late as 6 in the evening (summer) and 5 in the evening (winters)

3.) 24*7 water and electricity

4.) Open views offered from every flats which means you don’t see the mountain next to you but instead wide and never ending Horizon

Property :
Though the property is designed by T.R Construction (Delhi) the ethnic Himachali aura of the property is maintained thanks  to the following key factors :

1.) Wooden flooring cum Ceiling :

Hand crafted for utmost precision and finish are wooden slicks so that you get a matching yet elegant feel and thus offering that cozy hills feel so much so that you could walk inside barefoot even when it snows outside in winters and in summers, offers utmost sound insulation so you could experience peace at its best.

2.) Modular Kitchens :

Fully automatic soft close sterling kitchens custom made for your needs with full detailing provided in your list of furnishing

3.) Concealed Lighting :

Lighting is one of the most important aspect of a house , though natural light is available throughout in every room still the charm of the house is uplifted with LED Panels embossed within the wood , so you have lighting to suit your every mood.

4.) Furnishing :

Whenever we talk about a fully furnished flat it seldom comes to our mind that  what does  fully furnished means , and to answer this we have made 7 pages of detailed list of furnishing which would answer your every query.

5.) Washrooms:

Equipped with state of the art bathing cabinets with inbuilt steam and massaging jets, music system, comes your full dry washroom even more with our exclusive partners you can also visit a showroom and choose what you please to make it as personal as you want it to be. Even though jaquar’s Florentine range comes as standard .

6.) Customization :

To make a flat a home you are provided access to four basic layout plans from which you choose one as a building block for your house and thus are at a freedom to customize your house so as to if you want 2 massive rooms or 4 , if you wanna add a RCC Vault , a pooja room , a kids play area or simply a servant room, so you get 2500 plus square foot area to play around with to make it a home not just a flat (4 Custom designs attached with this file)

7.) Lift :

A state of the art Italian lift with safety features such as power backup to assure you are never stuck in the lift, quotation for which is available at request of the client for their own satisfaction

Legality :

Single owner property which means you start your journey to make a home with me and thus sign the final contract with me
Permanent electricity and water connections are already in place which have been installed by competent government authorities after the submission of respective Noc’s


P.S : 80% OF OUR PROJECT IS ALREADY SOLD out of which 40% is allready being used by clients humbly awaiting your response with conviction

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